Systematic Training for your Fitness Goals

Personal Coaching designed by AP Academy is more specific and targeted than traditional training model.

We apply the knowledge and skills required in sports science to design periodisation training for your personalised program, more effecitve for fitness goal achievements, consistent improvements and bottleneck breakthrough.

The Most Effective Workout Guide

.Focus on individual fitness goals

.Design personalised training program

.Systematic training

.Personal coaching

Choose your training program

Weight Loss

Two principles for fat burning: systematic resistance training and interval training for achieving ideal body shapes.

Athletic Performance

Design sports specific training program, to develop power, explosiveness and speed. Fulfils athletes’ high intensity training and recovery requirement, to get prepared for in season.

Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing trains the muscles of the hands, back, legs and abdomen, which is helpful for the full-body muscle toning. Through aerobic exercise and focus training, Muay Thai is effective in shaping slim fit body, especially the arms and shoulders.

Fascia Release

Perform fascia release by using special stick tools and leverage principle. Enhance joint mobility, stability and muscle strength through isometric training.

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