AP x Brutal Buddha

Exclusive for Pre-launch of new line of everyday + performance jogger pants & shirts

Absolutely FREE & limited offer – a personal coaching trial session!

The trial is 1-on-1 personal coaching session which lasts for 50 mins. Our personal trainers will deliver the following:

  • Body Composition Analysis to evaluate your segmental Body Mass & Body Fat, as well as Body Balance, Body Type Assessments 
  • Goal settings to learn your fitness needs.
  • A customised training program to specifically match your level of fitness.

Refer friends & Win an Originals shorts

  1. Attend the free trial Personal Coaching session at AP Academy
  2. Either Facebook or Instagram, follow both AP Academy & Brutal Buddha *
  3. Either Facebook or Instagram, post a workout picture/video taken at AP and tag AP Academy & Brutal Buddha *
  4. Refer friends to AP Academy for free trial Personal Coaching session

*For 2 & 3, it is required for the free trial Personal Coaching session.

By 25th October 2022, the one with the highest number of referrals will win an Original shorts from Brutal Budhha.

* Fill in the information and press submit. We will contact YOU soon. Thank you!