Our functional based training programmes serve everyone of you from different ages.

First, identify your fitness goals, no matter increasing overall level of fitness, improving body shape or enhancing athletic performance

you can choose our variety types of group class, personal coaching or sports performance training to fulfil your needs.

Program We offer

Group Class Program

Our 60-minute group classes incorporate basic movement pattern in the program, develop proper form of strength training and athletic performance. More choices are offered in high energy, and women’s fitness classes. 

Athlete Program

Program designed by our strength & conditioning coach, provide sport-specific Performance screening, and 12-week training plan to enhance your sport performance.

Personal Coaching

This is one-on-one/ one-on-two training session, a 6-week or periodisation training, including sport-specific screening to track the progress.

Private Training for Sports Team

Performance training for sport team, on-site service and assessment for athletes.