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HYROX – New Fitness Experience!

HYROX is an indoor fitness racing event consisting of 8 different running & functional workout stations. Each participant runs 1km, followed by 1 functional workout station, repeated 8 times.
HYROX is a race for everyone’s ability level (98% of participants are able to finish the race!). 

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HYROX-Specific Program

HYROX Strength-based Training
Focus on strength and explosive power required in HYROX Race.

HYROX Strength-based Training gets athletes prepare for upcoming HYROX Race by improving the strength in squat, deadlift, hip thrust, lunge and upper body push and pull. Plyometric training and medicine ball explosiveness training are also incorporated in the Programme.

It is a progressive 4-stage training, for peaking athletes to join HYROX Race. We focus on establishing good movement patterns (neuromuscular coordination), increasing hypertrophy (type II muscle mass), improving maximum strength (improving the ability of the nervous system to recruit motor units), and special explosive power and strength endurance.

The uniqueness of this training is the application of Velocity-Based Training, which is common in professional athlete training. Velocity-based Training (VBT) is a method of evaluating exercise intensity by monitoring the speed of barbell or body movement to calculate displacement and time. VBT is a method to determine a reasonable load based on movement speed or lifting speed, which is more effective and precise in training results.

HYROX MetCon-based Training
Focus on energy system required in HYROX Race.

HYROX MetCon-based Training gets athletes prepare for upcoming HYROX Race by improving the efficiency of the body’s immediate, intermediate, and long-term energy pathways through short periods of intense exercise followed by short rest periods. It is  a form of circuit style training simulating the HYROX Race format, which athletes are required running in between stations. The training strategically focuses on getting the running economy ready for the Race. 

It typically combines weight training and circuit exercises. We use a variety of equipments including racks, skiErg, rowing, bike, sled and medicine balls. Outdoor running training will be arranged 1-2 times per month.

The uniqueness of this training is the development of pacing abilities. Learn and adapt the metabolic conditioning training is vital to getting prepare for HYROX Race. Coaches will teach athletes managing their metcon pacing to create sustainable and repeatable efforts required. 

Plan to train twice a week, all together 12 weeks of progressive training. You can adjust the training days according to your own schedule. Each training session is 75-90 minutes. You can choose training days according to our class schedule.

For prepare well on HYROX Race, we recommend to complete 12 weeks of training. However, 8 weeks of training is an alternative with time limitation.

Andy Chan – Head of Strength Programme
Michael Fung – Head of Metcon Programme

2023 HYROX Men‘s Doubles Age Group – 3rd Place
Head of HK National Baseball Team S&C 2024
Head of HK National Volleyball Team S&C 2023
MSc Sports Medicine & Health Science
MSc Sports Science and Physical Activity
NSCA – Strength & Conditioning Specialist
NASM – Performance Enhancement Specialist

Training Venue:
10/F, Po Shau Centre, 115 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong
Kwun Tong Promenade (Outdoor running training)


Capacity: 6 Max

Trial Lesson $200

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